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Indian railway info is now available online thankfully to the Indian railway site or the IRCTC site which provides all the information about all the trains moving in the country of India. Info can be of many types when it comes to the Indian railways as it can be PNR status which involves a unique code given to the passenger on the booking of the ticket and the passenger can use that code on the website to know about the details of the train he/she is traveling in and the seat he/she has been provided with. Otherwise other type of information can include live train status which is for passengers traveling and their families waiting at the station.
Live train status give accurate time of arrival of train and specifies the delay and all other factors and gives a specific amount of time the train would take to reach the next station or the final destination. Info can also be seek regarding seat availability in a train or the train between important stations. Enquiry can also be done for fare and fares for all types of train travel experience are available like for AC or the normal sleepers and even the chair cars. Information is the right of all the citizens of India and the railway authority also acknowledges the fact and makes sure about providing the passengers with appropriate information.

Indian railway info therefore provides all the necessary information about a great train travel via the online sites and makes the experience for the passengers a hassle free experience. 



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With more than 10,000 trains running in India, it is a difficult task to book a train that suites your preference. So, you must check trains between stations and then select a train whose timings and services suites you. This is made in a number of and the easiest way is to logon to the website of IRCTC and enter the source and destinations stations. This will give you a list of all trains that run between the two stations and you can select one that is most suitable to you after checking the seat availability.

If you are staying near the railway station, you can go to the railway station and get the information easily by enquiring at the enquiry counters. Mobile phones are other means to get the information. By calling at the number 139 or by sending an SMS on the number, you will get the names and timings of trains running between two stations. Calling at the call centers is another way to get the information on trains. IRCTC has its own call center which is open 24 hours a day.

Indian Railway time table also helps you to check the trains running between any two stations. Here you can easily get the information as it is represented in a tabular form. The printed form of the railway time table is updated every six months to enter any changes that take place in Indian Railways. When you check trains between stations, you will also get the timings of the trains.


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The PNR number or the Passenger Name Record is the data retrieved by the computerized reservation system that gives information about the passenger or the group of passengers traveling together. The PNR number is generated once after the passenger enters basic registration information online.  The train PNR status can be accessed in the following manner: 

1. Obtain the PNR number by filling all the basic information of the passenger.

2. Once the PNR number (a 10 digit alpha-numeric code) is generated, enter that number in the message box that appears on the screen.

3. Click on “obtain PNR status” and check for the availability of seats.

The train PNR status can be obtained manually by enquiring at the individual platform or source stations. In order to reduce the ambiguity in the manual process, the railway ministry has also introduced the following ways to obtain train PNR status through: 

1. Internet

2. SMS or Android apps on smart phones

3. Customer care (call 139 from MTNL or BSNL landlines)

The PNR number consists of sensitive data about the passenger and his fellow passengers. The PNR status is affected by the cancellations of passengers and hence, is dynamic in nature. The PNR status is diversified in the categories such as: WL - waitlisted candidates where the passenger is not allocated a seat or berth in train, RAC - Reservation against Cancellations, where the passenger is allocated a seat in the class of his/her choice but not a berth, RL – regret list where the passenger is not allowed to book a seat or berth in the train. Thus, the train PNR status allows the passenger to know the status of his/her seat with a single click of mouse.


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One of the major modes of transportation between Mumbai and Mangalore is the Konkan Railways, which was established after overcoming challenges of uneven topography and surging land, in the year of 1998 on January 26 with a line of 741 kilometer. The blend of 1998 railway bridges, a number of crisscross rivers and 59 stations are the witness of its uneven challenges. The Konkan Railway reservation plays a major role in the life of business as well as holidaying people who travel between stations that fall along this route. The area covered includes Goa, Udipi, Mangalore and Karwar, to be named as few.

Recently some rules have come into existence regarding refunds of tickets, circular journey and journey with a break. There are two rules regarding the refund of tickets. First, the claim for the refund of the unreserved tickets is done within 3 hours of buying the same. And with the reserved tickets, the rule is opposite as they can be cancelled and claimed for refund before the train leaves the station.

For more information and snapshots, anyone can log on to the various online sites of Konkan Railways reservation. You can easily access plenty of info regarding the reservation and train schedules respectively without any inconvenience. They can take advantage of the extra amenities that are being adding on in order to improve the facilities. To make the reservation procedure more accessible, one can easily go ahead after filtering the information with just some of the additional clicks, which would definitely make the travel plan of the tourists more concrete and up to the mark.


Travelling in trains is enjoyable only if you reserve a seat in the train. Without reservation you may not get a seat to sit and travel. For long distance travels booking a berth is also necessary. Indian Railway Reservation is possible 60 days prior to the date of departure of the train. You have the facility to book tickets online on the website of IRCTC and also at the railway station. Online reservation gets you e-ticket, a printout of which you have to carry with you when you board the train.


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Reservation in trains is needed only for those who are above the age of 5 years. For children below 5 years you need not book a ticket. They are not allotted any berth either. For those aged between 5 and 12 years, only a half ticket is needed. When you book tickets in trains you have the option to choose your preferred seats and they are allotted to you depending on their availability. 

Senior citizens get concessions when they travel in trains. This is available in all classes of travel and even when they book tickets online. Students also get concessions, but only in second class and second sleeper classes. To get student concession you have to book tickets at the railway station. 

When you make Indian Railway Reservation online, you get a lot of offers and discounts. By booking tickets as early as possible you can ensure a seat/berth in the train and have a comfortable journey in the train with your family.


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