Indian Railway Reservation Provides You a Comfortable Train Journey
14.03.2014 15:11

Travelling in trains is enjoyable only if you reserve a seat in the train. Without reservation you may not get a seat to sit and travel. For long distance travels booking a berth is also necessary. Indian Railway Reservation is possible 60 days prior to the date of departure of the train. You have the facility to book tickets online on the website of IRCTC and also at the railway station. Online reservation gets you e-ticket, a printout of which you have to carry with you when you board the train.


                                   Indian Railway Reservation | Image Resource: Upload.wikimedia.org/

Reservation in trains is needed only for those who are above the age of 5 years. For children below 5 years you need not book a ticket. They are not allotted any berth either. For those aged between 5 and 12 years, only a half ticket is needed. When you book tickets in trains you have the option to choose your preferred seats and they are allotted to you depending on their availability. 

Senior citizens get concessions when they travel in trains. This is available in all classes of travel and even when they book tickets online. Students also get concessions, but only in second class and second sleeper classes. To get student concession you have to book tickets at the railway station. 

When you make Indian Railway Reservation online, you get a lot of offers and discounts. By booking tickets as early as possible you can ensure a seat/berth in the train and have a comfortable journey in the train with your family.


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