Konkan Railway Reservation Rules Have Changed to Meet the Best
19.03.2014 10:47

                          Konkan Railway Reservation | Image Resource : blogs.pnrstatuscheck.info

One of the major modes of transportation between Mumbai and Mangalore is the Konkan Railways, which was established after overcoming challenges of uneven topography and surging land, in the year of 1998 on January 26 with a line of 741 kilometer. The blend of 1998 railway bridges, a number of crisscross rivers and 59 stations are the witness of its uneven challenges. The Konkan Railway reservation plays a major role in the life of business as well as holidaying people who travel between stations that fall along this route. The area covered includes Goa, Udipi, Mangalore and Karwar, to be named as few.

Recently some rules have come into existence regarding refunds of tickets, circular journey and journey with a break. There are two rules regarding the refund of tickets. First, the claim for the refund of the unreserved tickets is done within 3 hours of buying the same. And with the reserved tickets, the rule is opposite as they can be cancelled and claimed for refund before the train leaves the station.

For more information and snapshots, anyone can log on to the various online sites of Konkan Railways reservation. You can easily access plenty of info regarding the reservation and train schedules respectively without any inconvenience. They can take advantage of the extra amenities that are being adding on in order to improve the facilities. To make the reservation procedure more accessible, one can easily go ahead after filtering the information with just some of the additional clicks, which would definitely make the travel plan of the tourists more concrete and up to the mark.


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