The Easiest Way to Make East Coast Railway Reservation is Online
25.02.2014 14:55

Train journey is loved by children as well as the grown up people. It is a time when you come across a lot of people from different parts of India and learn their culture and food habits. When you travel to a particular region, you are served the food that is typical to that region. East Coast Railway Reservation is necessary to travel in trains that operate on the East Coast Zone. Train reservation allows you to secure a seat or a berth when you travel in the train. This offers you a comfortable and pleasant journey in the train with your family and friends.

When you make train reservation online, you are offered a lot of facilities and benefits. Often you get discounts and other offers, and when you make group booking you get discounts on the tickets booked. For the frequent travelers who book their tickets on the website of IRCTC, there is a loyalty program offered called ‘Shubh Yatra’. This program is available only to those who book their tickets in First class AC, Second class AC, AC chair car and Executive chair car. Here you can earn points, which you can redeem for free railway tickets.

Other than online, East Coast Railway Reservation is also possible at the railway station and through your mobile phones. Registered travel agents also help you to plan your journey and make ticket booking. There are many other travel and tourism websites where you have the facility to check train details and book tickets.



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