Train PNR Status – A Sure Shot Way to Know Seat Confirmations
22.04.2014 10:57

                                             Train PNR Status | Image Resorce : indianpnr.com

The PNR number or the Passenger Name Record is the data retrieved by the computerized reservation system that gives information about the passenger or the group of passengers traveling together. The PNR number is generated once after the passenger enters basic registration information online.  The train PNR status can be accessed in the following manner: 

1. Obtain the PNR number by filling all the basic information of the passenger.

2. Once the PNR number (a 10 digit alpha-numeric code) is generated, enter that number in the message box that appears on the screen.

3. Click on “obtain PNR status” and check for the availability of seats.

The train PNR status can be obtained manually by enquiring at the individual platform or source stations. In order to reduce the ambiguity in the manual process, the railway ministry has also introduced the following ways to obtain train PNR status through: 

1. Internet

2. SMS or Android apps on smart phones

3. Customer care (call 139 from MTNL or BSNL landlines)

The PNR number consists of sensitive data about the passenger and his fellow passengers. The PNR status is affected by the cancellations of passengers and hence, is dynamic in nature. The PNR status is diversified in the categories such as: WL - waitlisted candidates where the passenger is not allocated a seat or berth in train, RAC - Reservation against Cancellations, where the passenger is allocated a seat in the class of his/her choice but not a berth, RL – regret list where the passenger is not allowed to book a seat or berth in the train. Thus, the train PNR status allows the passenger to know the status of his/her seat with a single click of mouse.


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