Trains Between Stations May Be Checked On The Website Of IRCTC
20.05.2014 15:43

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With more than 10,000 trains running in India, it is a difficult task to book a train that suites your preference. So, you must check trains between stations and then select a train whose timings and services suites you. This is made in a number of and the easiest way is to logon to the website of IRCTC and enter the source and destinations stations. This will give you a list of all trains that run between the two stations and you can select one that is most suitable to you after checking the seat availability.

If you are staying near the railway station, you can go to the railway station and get the information easily by enquiring at the enquiry counters. Mobile phones are other means to get the information. By calling at the number 139 or by sending an SMS on the number, you will get the names and timings of trains running between two stations. Calling at the call centers is another way to get the information on trains. IRCTC has its own call center which is open 24 hours a day.

Indian Railway time table also helps you to check the trains running between any two stations. Here you can easily get the information as it is represented in a tabular form. The printed form of the railway time table is updated every six months to enter any changes that take place in Indian Railways. When you check trains between stations, you will also get the timings of the trains.


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